KOMFOTT Weighted Blanket with Removable Cover, 15lbs |48''x72''| Twin Size

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Got this for myself for Christmas from Santa. It is very comfortable, but does make crinkle sounds anytime that you move. It is a lot smaller than I thought it would be. I wish I would have gotten a bigger size. Overall, I like it.


I had no idea that a weighted blanket could actually improve my sleep. The 15lbs is probably a little too much for me (as it's more than 10% of my bodyweight), but it still feels good ... and the fabric is so soft. This blanket, combined with my heating pad helps me wake up well rested. I prefer using a twin-size on my king bed (since my husband doesn't like his blanket weighted). It works perfectly under the comforter. Very happy!


I have fibromyalgia so my legs always hurt. I have had a weighted blanket for quit awhile but it was filled with sand and definitely did not feel like 15lbs. I gave that one to my daughter and started using this one. I can definitely tell the difference , it feels much heavier then my other one and the constant pressure on my legs is amazing! The cover is a beautiful grey and super soft! A great quality product for sure!

H. Martin

This was my very first weighted blanket, and I absolutely love it. Immediately upon opening it, I laid under it to test it out, and accidentally took a nap. The weighted blanket is highly relaxing and can improve your sleep. The 15lbs was a decent weight for me, but I personally would have preferred more. It is evenly distributed and I like that the beads are stitched in pockets so they don't move around. I like that the soft cover is removable. It is warm and cozy with the cover, but not too bad with it off. I washed this blanket recently with ease. I washed it warm and put it outside to airdry in the sun. It is good as new. No issues whatsoever. I would highly recommend this blanket!


Good workmanship, good warmth, very soft and conducive to sleep

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